Wednesday, November 07, 2007

University of Maryland releases study; alleges inadequate funding

Inadequate pay for foster care?
Oct. 4, 2007

Bakersfield,CA,USA - The study released by the University of Maryland is causing concern for the entire foster care structure in California.

The lawsuit alleges that a decreasing number of families are able to care for foster children as the payment rate falls far behind the cost of living.

The Coalition's suit is aimed at the head of social services in California saying that the state is violating the Child Welfare Act by failing to provide foster families with appropriate funding.

We asked the Kern County Department of Human Services how much each local family is given per child.

They told us the state mandates that amount and it varies depending on medical need and special circumstances of the child.

The average amount per child from ages zero to four is $425 a month not counting an annual clothing allowance or special care increments.

The Department of Human Services says they expect the amount per child to increase as much as five percent beginning next year.

We did speak to some foster parents who told us the money is not ideal but that it helps.

They did point out that if a family wants to take a child to Disneyland or on vacations it's all out of pocket.


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