Saturday, November 15, 2008

Interview with Chair of FCAA Board of Directors

Man's journey through foster care makes him agent of change
Mayer, Steven. Bakersfield California, Nov 15, 2008.

It was Christmastime 1963 when, at the age of 4, Bill Stanton became a foster child for the first time.

Bill Stanton of Kernville grew up in foster care and now the 48 year-old uses his own experiences and the experiences of others to work toward a better foster care system nationwide.

“I could paint you a picture of that day,” he says, his eyes gleaming with the memory of a father’s sin.

Bill’s family had just finished trimming a meager Christmas tree in their third-floor Brooklyn apartment, when the excited 4-year-old tried to climb the tree, sending it crashing to the floor.

“Dad became really enraged,” he remembers. “He picked up the tree and threw it out the window. Then he threw me out the window.”

Bill landed on a pile of trash and survived the fall. But the incident signaled the end of his biological family and the beginning of 14 years of foster care.

“I was bounced through five different foster homes before I was placed with the Stantons,” he says. “I was adopted by them at age 19.

“That still happens today,” Stanton, now 48, says from the comfort of his family home in the hills above Kernville.

“We still move kids from place to place,” he says. “I don’t think the system — the courts — have a grasp of the damage that does.”

Stanton’s natural empathy for children and teenagers who are thrown into foster care has fueled a passion for reform. He has become an advocate for adults who experienced foster care as children and the children who experience it still.

A frequent keynote speaker and national spokesman for what is called the foster care alumni community, Stanton has served four years as board chairman of Foster Care Alumni of America, a nonprofit community of peers who advocate for improvements to federal legislation that impacts foster kids.

This month, Stanton was named the organization’s first “Vision Award” recipient for his work.

Will Hornsby, a child welfare specialist at the Children’s Bureau, a section of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, helps conduct reviews of state foster care systems across the country.

Stanton’s background in the court system, Hornsby says, combined with his personal experience as a youth in the system and as a foster parent and adoptive parent gives him a multi-faceted perspective on the issues surrounding foster care.

“Bill brings a level of deep understanding, empathy and passion to this work,” Hornsby says.

Nearly two years ago, Stanton, his wife, Debbie, and their daughters Bethany, 16, and Abbigail, 14, welcomed a 2-week-old foster baby into their home.

Trevor John, “TJ” for short, was a crystal meth baby.

“I don’t know what a 2-week-old dreams about, but TJ woke up with night terrors,” Bill remembers. “It was just the saddest thing to see ... he’s a wonderful little guy.”

Not long ago, Bill and Debbie Stanton adopted TJ. Together they have taken one child out of the foster system and given him a home and a family.

But for Debbie, it’s not accurate to suggest the newest member of their family hit some kind of adoptive jackpot.

TJ is family, she says. It’s that simple. He brings as much love and goodness to the mix as he gets.

There are more than a half-million children in the foster care system nationwide, with roughly 2,700 children in the system in Kern County.

About 12 million American adults have experienced foster care, and Bill Stanton would love to see many of them turn their attention back to the system as advocates for change and mentors for foster youth.

“My mission is to reach out to those people in their 30s, 40s and 50s,” he says. “They can give policymakers insight.

“They understand what it means to put your life in a plastic bag as you’re moved to the next home,” he says. “Their experiences give them instant credibility.”

Foster Care Alumni of America
* A non-profit association founded in 2004
* More than 2,000 members from 50 states
* Mission: Connect the community of adults who have experienced foster care, and harness their accumulated experience and expertise to transform America’s foster care system.

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Exactly How Does QuickBooks Business Support You?

QuickBooks Enterprise is of the most effective version of QuickBooks Software where as much as 30 customers can work at the very same time and also can videotape 1 GB dimension or even more of information on the system. This edition has functions such as improved audit trail, the alternative of appointing or restricting customer approval. It provides the ability to disperse management features to other customers making use of the program. QuickBooks Venture individuals can run into some concerns while making use of the software application. In these cases, you require to connect to Quickbooks enterprise support number +1(833)400-1001 for assistance. The QuickBooks Pro consultants are working 24 × 7 to provide appropriate and also quick resolution all type of concerns associated with QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks Company data can be conveniently moved.
Movement of customer accounts from older variation to an upgraded version is quickly feasible.
Customized reports developed in older version such as invoices, stocks, and so on can likewise be quickly relocated to updated versions.
The user-interface in Business similar to Pro or Premier version. So, you do not need to bother with functionality.
In this edition, you can also attach QuickBooks Venture to remote employees like Microsoft home windows terminal services or satellite workplaces delivering high efficiency in genuine time.
QuickBooks Business has a special function called as Audit trail tracks the deals that have been gone into, modified or erased likewise it has security against deceptive deals or duplicate entrances. Thus it lowers the time as well as energy which we spent on examining modifications made on your primary data documents. For additional information on QuickBooks Venture Support, You can likewise reach out to.

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Like QuickBooks Pro 2019, QuickBooks Premier 2019 also consists of most of the prior options that come with QuickBooks Premier with additional features that may help your organization explore the brand new horizons seamlessly. It caters you with the top features of pro along with it allows you to definitely have reports which can be industry-specific, you can easily create sales orders, it is possible to track the expense of products and inventory etc. With Premier Plus 2019 you can easily enjoy automated backup of information along with recovery, have easy upgradation of software in addition to all of the previous options that come with Premier. So basically, there is lots that one can enjoy with QuickBooks Premier 2019 as well as any more assistance you can easily totally rely on us at our QuickBooks Upgrade Support and avail our 24*7 support services.

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